Sometimes, that’s me. You should hear the ridiculous things I say to myself in my head. ‘Vicky, you’re really a polite, reasonable kind of person,’ I think- ha ha ha.

My dear friends, oh the patient ones. Get to know me for any length of time and you’ll hear it when I rant. I have to hold back myself, truly, all the time.

Way too many words. I’m telling you that if you’re smart, you’ll support this writing thing I’ve got going on. Just like when you take toddlers to the park and run them around hoping to ‘tire them out’, so you should actively encourage me to write. It might make me less, slightly less, obnoxious when I attend a lovely gathering of old girlfriends hoping to share tasty treats and pleasant conversation with each other.

Unless I took a nap on the way home from the park, however. Then I’ll be up and ranting, I mean, running til midnight.


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