Bleary Weather


Inside a single raindrop

A globe perches on a branch, made up of what sits inside diamonds.

Some drops hang upside-down, tempting fate.

Because one day that raindrop is gonna fall, or explode, dropping it’s load,

To water the ground.


I could speak on new birth,

Of temporary, bursting, water houses losing life to gain the larger good.

Instead I contemplate the large, dreary day.

Outside one more bursting drop adds to the mud, and the hidden, gray sky.

Puddles, melting earth, pounding leaves.


The large picture of life is too big for me.

The changing weather, like experiences, goes from sunny to overcast, cold rain.

So, back to what I can handle.

The single, clear little raindrop of right now.

A globe of rounded purpose, innocent and full of possibility.

Actually, that little drop is beautiful.