Today’s Snippet; from my current Work in Progress- Time Mechanic

(Ha ha, when I typed ‘coat’ into the collection to find a good picture, this one came up, under the title ‘dapper man with coat’. Seemed to fit somehow!)


“I see what it means then,” Jeremy smiled. “Your appointment to our group, I mean. Every team like ours has had one in the past. You’re our thief.”

“I’m not anyone’s thief but my own, and if I join you I want that to be clear,” she stated.

“And are you joining us?” Jeremy took a deep breath and placed his hands on his hips. He felt authority settle on him like a mantle, and it wasn’t because of his magnificent coat. “If you stay by my side, you follow my orders,” he added. “Not because I want to rule you but because it’s up to me to get the job done, before any of you. So choose. Will you refuse or will you journey with us?”

All of a sudden, like she’d done when he’d first encountered her on the path, her bravado melted away. She bit her lip and glanced at Ffip before shaking her head with a sigh.

“I guess I’ll go with you,” she conceded after a long moment, curtsying a bit with reluctance. “I’ve got nothing keeping me here anyway. But if you turn out to be worthless fellows,” here she glared at Mars, “I’ll steal your purse and that coat off your back when I leave you,” she said to Jeremy, stepping into the room. Jeremy shut the door after her and rubbed his hands together. Inside he knew that no one else would be coming tonight. The team was complete.


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