This Is A True Story


In the dark of night I sat

Waiting for daughter to come into sight

I glanced back and saw a bat

Illumined by the streetlight.

~       ~       ~

It not only stared at me

It hovered like a ghostly blight

It’s wings were spread ominously

This bat had taken off; full-flight.

~       ~       ~

But I wasn’t afraid

This proved my secret song

My car was really a bat cave-car

I was this cool all along.

Can you see the shape? I guess my broken windshield wipers made it?


A Blessing of Babies


(baby Astraea in pretty dress)


(baby Gladys in pretty dress)

Children in your embrace

Fill an empty spot down low

You get used to how beautiful they are

And how you never want to let go.

~ ~ ~

You love them so much

You beg them to grow right

Worry and fret over every little thing

Eyes pop open in the middle of the night.

~ ~ ~

With Jesus by your side

Full circle is just a hug and a sing

For as you snuggle the baby close

You realize one important thing.

~ ~ ~

That you are a child still in His arms; and He will~

Sing lullabies in your ears

Hold you till you never let go of His love.

And comfort all your fears.

Jesus, The Sweet Hero


We are at God’s mercy.

When I was a tiny girl I remember the sweetness of Him.

When I prayed ‘Now I lay me,’ I knew He was there.

He cherished my innocence. I did too.

When I was a terrified teen (too many horror movies and books);

He came and was more powerful. He dispelled my fears.

He held out His hand, and I took hold of it, Jesus my sweetest friend.

He saved me that day, yes He did. Not just from the consequences of sin.

He said, ‘Child, there’s always more. I’m bigger. My love is huge.’

Look around at the beauty outside. In the skies.

Delicate cherry blossoms are like the baby’s innocence.

Blue mountains challenging are like the drive of young adventure.

Peaceful sands with rocks to sit in the sun are like the time we settle down.

And giant trees that sentinel the path through the gentle forest is like old age.

All of this reminds us of His sweet love of beauty, and of us.

He was born like a baby.

He felt passion and overturned tables.

He did His work and healed many.

And like a hero He died to protect His own.

How could I not love a God like that?



Bright Sun Sparkles for Baby


On such a sunshiny morning as this, in the Springtime! I just became a Grandma again this morning at 8:45! I’m so blessed and excited to see our new Gladys Kay!!!

I will hold her, kiss her and sing to her!


Good job, Meribeth- you’re a wonderful daughter to give me this little one to cuddle! I love you~ all three!

Pictures to come soon!


My New Blog~ Fun Times!


So if you read the back of my book cover it says this among other things!

‘She started a blog that soon became quite popular. It was called’

My husband said that now, I had to actually have a blog called the same! He bought me the domain name and helped me redirect to it!

Angel Cake

So I did, and I even filled in the ‘About’ and the ‘Blog’ pages of it. I’m proud of myself! ~ Check it out!



Magnolias popping out in the waves;

Of branches, like the downhill slopes;

of wooden mountains.

~       ~       ~

I could see only the brown tangles;

Of winter, like the near-dead sleep;

of frozen hope.

~       ~       ~


~       ~       ~

See joy in the pink fluffiness;

Of petals, like the gentle, giving hand;

of God the provider.



Scattered Thoughts; Happy Distraction


Me and baby Remi.


Me and baby Jamie.


Baby Astraea playing with her mommy.

Now this is happening:


Hey, you cute grandkids! I’m trying to concentrate on WRITING MY NOVEL. No wonder the working title is, Teddy Bear in Space?

Although last night I realized that my main character had to be a Teddie Bear. Here’s the paragraph from my story explaining why.

‘T.E.D.D.I.E. stood for, Trusted, Educated, Deferential, Dedicated, Inspirational, Extrapolater and B.E.A.R. stood for Bearing, Extreme, Apprehension, and Rage. Since the Blankenspere was discovered 20 years ago, and the ships developed to traverse it, Teddie Bears had been assigned to assist in case of any possible tensions the crew might feel. After the first few missions when the sheer unexplained lack of air and space outside the ship’s windows had reduced large portions of the crew to shreds of anxious humanity, Teddie Bears had become necessary officers. Even the Captains were required to be examined by them regularly.’

Now, returning to writing… except, does Astraea still have those hiccups?