Tea+Fluffy, Mini-Droids and Me


Over a year ago a friend on Facebook put up a promo and invited her friends to check out the Northwest Tea Festival in Seattle.


How perfect! I thought. The only trouble was that the Festival was the next day. So I scrambled last minute, trying to find a companion on the same day as I’d decided to attend. I found two. One was Bekah, and we loved going around Seattle Center. The other was a pleasant surprise, my good friend Takako! We tasted many little cups of tea before Takako had to get going, but we made a pact- she and I.

Let’s write our next book about TEA! I said. We have to put tea in our story~ marvelous!

And so, the next November when I settled down to NaNoWriMo that year, I wrote Mini-Droids and Tea.


Now my story has it’s first review on amazon and goodreads!



Done by a wonderful reviewer and writer; Rachel Barnard.


So you see what happens when you drink TEA.


The Star Princess


Here’s this nifty picture I found of a lady wearing a star dress. The room behind her is kind of ratty looking. The floor boards are warped. The bed is limp and soiled. One thinks that this girl has nothing but brown rags and work shoes but was given this star dress, the nice white evening slippers and the jewelry box. One wonders, what is she going to do with these assets? Will she go out to an evening ball and make connections? Or better, will she try to find love?

The gifts that God gives are like that. They glitter and shine in the mundane silt of our lives. He’s given me so very much. A good husband. Dear friends. Home. Six beautiful children whom I love and did love, so much. And it all wraps around to this: my grandsons and my little grandbaby Astraea, the star that glitters on her mother’s lap. Soon there will be another grandbaby that comes as well!

The question is, like this girl in the picture above, what will I do with the gifts I’ve  been given?

Grace-Full; Today’s Thought


Grace is a powerful thing. It’s where God holds us. We fail and we fall but He holds on. It’s where He says: “as far as the east is from the west,” and “Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,” (Psalm 103:12; Jude 24:24) That’s what it means to be a Christian. That’s what being saved is. We learn, oh, so slowly. We’re ardent to follow God until we get selfish. We focus on things that don’t matter. By ourselves we are wretched. Without Him to hold us we’d wither away. He’s the One who says, “Never will I leave you or forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5) He loves us with fierce passion, even more than we love ourselves. So should we sin all the more so that grace may abound? (Romans 6:1) No. But should we fear all the ways in which we fall short because we might not remain saved or because that proves somehow that we weren’t saved to begin with? Not this either. Focusing on this steals our joy. I admit it. I’m a failed flaw of a Christian. I’m not sure what He sees in me. I’m WAAAY out of Jesus’ league. But I do love Him, and I am grateful. He’s answered so much in my life. He’s forgiven me a kathousand times. He’s taught me and held me and waited. And when I gave into weakness and quit trying, His grace extended like a rope that wouldn’t break. “Hold me,” I pray often. “Forgive me,” is sometimes all I can think to pray. And He stays. I reach out and find Him, my best and dearest friend. That’s what grace is. Thank you, God, that’s it’s far more powerful than my weakest actions, inactions, and sins. I love You, too.

Happy Announcement~ Mini-Droids


It’s ready! I got the proof and all is well, so I’ve put out my next self-published book. As will be my habit now, for the foreseeable future, I intend to gift this book to whoever would like to read it. So, if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you one! Or I can gift it to you on Kindle. Here’s the links!



Gray Pastel


Glance out the window beside me

See dull gray of sky behind my dogwood tree,

Behind the gray is peeking white

Reminding me years ago of the sight,

Rick and I on our 25th anniversary in Hawaii.


There we were on a sunset cruise

The Hawaiian sky was of grays, not blues,

It wasn’t what one looks for in hues

and it didn’t go with dream vacation views,

Yet there were depths to intrigue out in the sea.


I made do with the gray, that day

I laughed at the book title, of gray in only fifty shades- what a play,

For now I could clearly see so many gradients in the far away

From dark to near-white, the uncountable sight of gray’s colors holding sway.


By the time I finish this poem I glance again outside

And the gray has turned to white.

And isn’t that like life

If you wait long enough, God makes everything all right.



I love a good puppet show. I’ve always wanted to write a little script and make it the coolest puppet show, ever. I love the stage on this puppet show- it’s my favorite.

I like this puppet show too…

But here again, is the greatest puppet show that almost happened, put on by my two grandsons!


The Leaf Dream


So I had this dream once. In it, I was trying to prove the existence of God; that He had created everything. In the dream we were outside, me and the person I was arguing with. All around us in the Pacific Northwest, there was greenery: leaves, fern, bush edges, grasses and trees. Pause a moment and consider our eyes that God gave us, that we can differentiate a thousand shades of green.

Plants can be grown, my opponent pointed out. Their genetic material examined under a microscope. Plants can be grafted into each other and even new varieties of rose bush created. In fact, she told me, humans can create and master all of the building blocks of our planet. There’s no need or proof of God.

In my dream a sudden passion rose up in me. I reached out and snatched off a big leaf from a neighboring tree.

“Can humans do this?!” I cried, tearing the leaf into pieces. I closed my fingers over the leaf bits and then looked at my fist. When I opened it, I wanted to show her that only God had the power to knit atoms back together. He was the creator, and He could mend the leaf before our eyes. It was a small miracle I was asking Him to do. It wasn’t going to affect anyone but us. Like when Elijah tested the false Gods in comparison to the real One by pouring water over the altar. (1 Kings 18: 20- 40) We humans had challenged. We had insisted that God was real. Now it was up to Him to prove it, our leave us hanging with a wet altar and torn bits of a leaf in our hands.

But I knew He was with me, and that He wouldn’t let me down. In my dream I appealed to Him and then opened my hand.

And God did something beautiful. He hadn’t just mended the leaf; He’d made it three times larger.

When I woke up I was zinging with electricity as if I’d actually had that confrontation and the touch of God happen instead of dreaming it. I knew this was one of those spiritual dreams that Christians are supposed to have sometimes. (Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17) I wondered, who was I supposed to tell it to?

But then I realized that this dream wasn’t just about proving God’s existence to a doubting world of humans. This was a dream about faith. We’re not here to do carnival tricks with a magical God. If you want to see His magic, just take a look outside or a glance in the mirror. We’re here to believe in Him, and then to love Him, and then to hold on when our faith gets tested. That was the real miracle my dream was describing.



So there I was, at 18~ And across this man I seen;

His eyes straightforward, kind~ And a friend I find;

We squabbled, fussed~ But he was someone to trust;

I heard it from the Lord, above~ This man is mine to love;

It’s been good. He’s been my friend, and every now and then~

One of us wins an argument.


I love my husband!

Dreamy Book Launch

I had a great time at my friend’s book launch tonight! Here’s the cover of her book!


I always chicken out at the thought of doing a book launch for one of my books- all by myself. I’ve so far just hitched a ride with other people. But while there tonight I was visiting the table of the talented artist who did the art on the above cover- Leslie Moon. I was so excited to find this print to buy!!!


You see, I so associate with this song. In the one daydream I’d have of maybe doing a book launch, I saw my son-in-law, Ryan, up on the stage singing this song for me. I’ve stepped back in my writing goals, but if I were ever to put out another book, maybe I’d ask him to sing it. Meanwhile, the dream resonates. Other artists connect with me on special evenings like tonight. Here are some links!