Why, The Flower

We’re like a flower that springs up, some people say.

A flower that grows beautiful for a time.

We can even put out a sweet fragrance.

We can be useful to decorate the room, or mark a special day.

For that moment, our existence seems justified.

But then, we start to wilt.

The petals get tarnished and brown.

Our flowery heads, drop down in weariness.

Finally, we fade away, according to some, except our seed,

Might live on to influence the world for a while.

Without God, this is all it comes to.

Beauty, weight of intelligence, fragrance of talent, useful purpose.

Without God, does any of it really matter?

But, With God, existence makes sense.

Reason must have a reason.

Beauty and fragrance call to someOne deeper.

He values us. He sees us a beautiful, long after the mirror says otherwise.

When we die, praise Jesus, we don’t turn into ash.

We go home, if we believed and took the hand of Jesus.

Heaven is a beautiful, sweet-smelling place.

Filled with God’s love and His creatures, proving joy has meaning.

A flower’s first existence, is under the earth.

Everything is dark, and there’s dirt everywhere.

This seems like all there is.

But, when we accept the salvation of Jesus,

We leave that underworld place, and burst in Heavenly bloom.