Muddy Welcome


I’m pondering grace today. It’s the emotion connected with mercy. To be gracious is to forgive a person’s mud on their shoes and invite them in your home. ‘Come in!’ you say, all smiles. Then you sit them down and make them tea and tell stories til your home becomes theirs, for a little while.

You see, what you do with a person in your clutches, that reflects mercy. They didn’t want to step in the mud. Mud appeared, covering the pathway of life, and they wandered in. Now, covered in mistakes, they come to you with a list of things they could’ve done better.

Leave the mud at the door, and offer them a pair of cozy slippers. My dear Love, Jesus, did the same thing for me. He opened the door and there I stood, for I’d fallen in the mud. He gave me clean clothes and the light in His eyes. None of my mistakes existed anymore. Refreshed by His love, I’ll waddle around in this world, making a ton more mistakes and He won’t see any of them. One day, He’ll open the door and say, ‘Come in, my beautiful child. Welcome home to Heaven, and the fullness of My love.