Current Climatic Clencher


Crunch Time!

Now I have to actually figure out what my climatic end scene of the book will be, even though I’m several chapters away from beginning the wave up to it. Here are a few blurry photos I took of my planning notebook!


I used to be able just to think and write, but now I have to draw and color to pull creativity out of myself. I’ve actually enjoying having this notebook and keeping this record of my progress. I’m thinking I’ll get a new notebook for each book that I write! (I’m sure this is not such an original idea, but I’m patting myself on the back, going, ‘wow, cool idea!’)


On to the end!!!


Nighttime Flight


From the current WIP- of course Kye has to learn to ride a Zilkie himself!

‘The next night after the others had gone to sleep, Kye had enough of watching the others ride the Zilkies. He’d explained to Dysian that he was feeling strong enough to ride them too, and that he knew how to rewrap his arms when the bandages got soaked through by the end of each day. But Dysian’s last argument had been that they didn’t have the time, since they were rushing to Eyain, to stop and teach him how. He grinned now as he heard Dysian’s steady drawn-in breath sounds accompanying the snores of several others. Up above the moon was bright and making the wave tops lit to a delicate slate blue. He moved to the edge of the weavecraft and slipped easily into the water, so that the loss of his weight wouldn’t rock the craft.

He swam far enough away to attract the creatures but not so that he lost sight of the weavecrafts. Since their journey began he’d made sure that it was his hand that’d fed the Zilkies many of their treats so that hopefully they’d trust him now, without the added advice of Kenjaro. Anthym had told him that underwater was the best place to make a Zilkie acquaintance. Kye took a deep breath, changed directions and let the bottom of his own feet be visible for a moment as he swam downwards.

The Moonlight dissipated swiftly under here but still there were lyrical slats of water shades to create a new atmosphere. He treaded water gently and felt the depth and the majesty of this world. He couldn’t visit for long, but he had these few moments before the air environment demanded his return.

Still he was surprised when it happened. There was a bend in the waves, a rush of power behind and then beneath him, and Kye barely remembered to accept the seat that was offered to him. He clutched as best he could and became part of the shot fired. The massive feeling of speed burst he and the Zilkie out of the water for just a second of flight. Kye couldn’t help but laugh as the Zilkie and he saluted the wind before they angled back under water again.

Deep, it seemed that the rushing underwater world had become milk and bubbles against the silkiness of this ride. They next time the creature took him back up and achieved arcing flight over the surface Kye couldn’t help himself.

“Woo Hoo!” he cried in exultation, as Anthym had done.’

Zilkie Speed Rider

Here’s a snippet from my current Work in Progress. Aqua Boy type Fantasy!


‘…the force of the approaching Zilkie could be felt like a swirl pushing against his (Kye’s) legs. He came to the surface, treading water. A second later he was rewarded.

“Anthym!” he roared, so loud it left no doubt. “Stop right there!”

The Zilkie soared and there was a flash of red hair, but at least, it seemed that Anthym had heard him. The Zilkie went back under and the second form folded and then broke apart.

A moment later the lad’s red hair cleared, and then his face, laughing and spitting out a bit of extra sea water.

“Did you see that, Kye?” Anthym shouted with joy. “Did you see it? The Zilkie just scooped me up and gave me a ride!”

Kye, treading water beside the excited boy, nodded his head. “How did you know, Lad?” he asked. “That a Zilkie was nearby and you could get on it?”

“Kenjaro told me!” Anthym exulted.

Kye noticed that they had an audience; most of the others had swum closer to hear. They made a companionable circle of faces in the water, now that they weren’t anxious about Anthym. The weavecraft floated nearby and the Zilkie swam back and forth a few hundred feet away.

“Kenjaro can sense the Zilkies when they come near?” Dysian asked.

“Kenjaro says that Zilkies are like cousins to Otterbys,” said Anthym. “Not as smart though. He says the bigger they are the smaller their brains.”

Kye couldn’t help but grin in the appropriate direction.

“You’ll keep that comment from coming out your mouth, if you’ve got any smarts, Kye,” answered Ajax, who was floating across from him.

“You may tell Kenjaro that human’s brains aren’t built the same,” said Dysian. “We may seem big, but we’re not necessarily dumber.”

Anthym just smiled. “Kenjaro says he’s not sure about that, Mister.”

Tebahk shook his head. “Are you really hearing all of these things from the Otterby?” he asked. “How is that possible?”

“It’s a long story, Mister,” Anthym replied.

“And the Zilkie came right up to you!” Tebahk went on in amazement. “You rode it like you’d been training for years, Lad!”

“Can I ride him some more?” asked Anthym, looking at Kye.

“Let’s think about this,” said Dysian. “Anthym, ask Kenjaro if you’re the only rider a Zilkie will accept from our group.”

“Kenjaro says,” answered Anthym a few seconds later, “that with his help, other Zilkies would probably be willing to accept us. Three should be all we need to go north.”

“Three!” exclaimed Tebahk. “I’m still astounded that even one came so close to you!”

“Well, can I?” demanded Anthym, itching to continue his ride on the Zilkie.

“Not unless you can direct its movements, instead of it taking you for a ride!” answered Dysian. “Tebahk, how do your people control the Zilkie’s?”

“I can show you that, if the Otterby really can convince three of the creatures to come near you. Directing a Zilkie is similar to the way you ride your Korgies.”

“Don’t worry, Mister!” interrupted Anthym. “I’ll jump off if the Zilkie takes me too far away! Can I?”

Dysian gave in with a laugh. “Oh, all right, Anthym. At least falling off a Zilkie doesn’t hurt like falling off a Korgie does.” ‘