Event- Wine and Words; June 2017


I had so much fun at our event last night, Wine and Words. I mustered the courage and read my stuff at the microphone three times! I even bought a glass of wine, but it’s wine which, even for Riesling and being sweet, I don’t like very much. I took a few sips though.

Anyway here in this photo you see some of my books laid out and some of our group’s literature. In the background (artistic, aren’t I?) you see the microphone.

I read two sections of my companion story to my book Roots Entwine, called, A Reason to Sing.

If you’d like to read the whole short story, you can find it here.


SPOILERS however, if you haven’t read my book Roots Entwine and you want to sometime soon. This story is related to an event which occurs late in that book and knowing it will make the ending of Roots Entwine less exciting.


Express Myself Again


Who would’ve ever supposed

That a person with so many words would feel so silenced

The message about Christ is so huge

It welled up like a tidal wave, two stories high

It receded down inside till it trickled from my eyes.

~       ~       ~


His beauty is still over the ride

His love holds on and makes me survive

His Word is true no matter how many deny

My faith was proved when He stood by my side

Love like His is realized.

~       ~       ~

See it in the soft baby’s eyes

Feel it in the firm brown wood

Taste clear water and be revitalized

Hear the song of blossoms rustling the trees

Smell the wind of His gentle good.

~       ~       ~

He’s here in sunlight falling on my face

He’s here in memory, present waiting and future grace

He’s here in passion, strength and nobility

He teaches, guards, comforts and bids me see

Sweetness of Heaven in my future.







The Nighttime Guard


We like children with natures fierce

Argue with shadows drawing close

On the left the raging weapons are drawn

The right watches it all unfold.

~       ~       ~

There’s a pattern in the latticework

Some of the windows open hoping for breeze

In this cement world there’s still beauty

Despite the political squeeze.

~       ~       ~

Though the tree has bars around it

Parents of God-written rules are all inside

Even though there’s no grass to romp in

The children play while daylight abides.

Fantasy Howls With Silence


I’m pleased to announce that my latest story is about to be completely released. (The print version is available now on Amazon, and the kindle version is being processed.)

When I wrote this story my dear son was still with me, but his condition was very hard to live with at home. People yelled and cried used bad language and fussed, and I tried to manage all the emotional undercurrents. My words couldn’t solve.

Perhaps that’s why I wrote this fantasy about a young woman who’d lost her voice but painted thought pictures. I paint fantasy worlds that are pretty but filmy, my temporary escape. In order to somehow give those that I love so fiercely a happy ending I give my characters a glowing future after their struggles are done in my dreams.

You’ll have to read the book to find out if my main character, Zephyr, finds her voice again at the end. I didn’t know if she would, myself, until I wrote practically the last chapter. Here’s the link for the print version. If you need a kindle copy, I can help you get that when it comes out if you leave a message in the comments.