Terrific Birthday So Far…


First, the nice lady at work said it was my 57th, therefore my ‘Ketchup’ birthday. “Thanks,” I replied. “That helps!”

Also, this little gift was set out for me in the break room. I really love those twinkle lights!


Then Bekah, my youngest, left me a succession of birthday cards… please note, the Otter. Which actually looks like my Otterby character in my book.


Then I discovered she’d bought me THIS nifty purse for my birthday. I LOVE it. ‘Junior Scout’, I said, ‘that’s what I look like!’ Now, when I carry my wonderful purse, I’m not a 57 year old, plump, grandma. I’m on an adventure! I should write more adventures!


Of course, to start off the day appealing to the long ago, teenaged girl who still lives inside me, I thought of this. A little hot guy to start off the day. (Sorry, Rick, my love, but I hadn’t met you yet!)

So, okay all my other kids! This stuff from Bekah. Top that! Ha ha!