How Can You Tell?

How can you tell who the right God is?

How do you judge between ‘religions’?

If there is only One God, (and there is)

How do you discern it?

Through love.

What’s the greatest emotion?

What makes us give our very lives away?

What turns the world dark if it disappears?

Look for the God who loves the most, to tell.

The One who loves so much, He wants to be loved back.

Imagine an angry god, running the universes.

Why would you even exist?

You’d have no rights. No joys. No place to hide.

Or imagine a god who creates and then forgets us.

A vast lot of emptiness floating in space. No, thanks.

We crave love, because He loves us.

Because our God, although He has the full range of emotions,

(He made us in His image),

He chose to be the God of love. He originated love. He IS love.

Love is what motivates Him, always.

Jesus gave us two commandments.

To love, and to love.

(In order to love Jesus, you have to believe in Him, right?)

Love Him, the King of Kings. Most, and first.

And then, love your neighbor,

And, just to cover all the bases, love your enemies.

Anyone tells you something different about Jesus,

That person, or devil, is lying.

The devil puffs up sin, and says,

Resist the God of love and choose, anything else.

But why, resist love?