My God, the Original World-builder


For Spring, 2019

When I swim in loops and swirls, the majesty of form;

Underwater colors are pronounced but indistinct.

When I see Spring in buds of flowers, delicate born;

Looking through bright green, undulating leaves, I think:

My God, He set things dancing.

He is the comfort after sorrow,

Aftermath of Winter in Spring.

The promise of all tomorrows,

Peach-tinted Heaven glimmering.

I’m glad He’s with me!


T.E.D.D.I.E. B.E.A.R. in S.P.A.C.E.


I finished it, finally. My Teddie Bear completed his mission on the ship in non-outer space, and came home. Lots of Soft Sci-Fi going on, in this novel’s 109,000 words!

Whew! It starts out a bit tame, but once things get going there’s a lot of action in this one! And chock full of my own, no doubt tangled, concepts of Science!

I’m proud of myself! If anyone wants to read it, let me know!

Spark the Teddy


I’ve got big news! My Teddie Bear in Space book is almost finished! That’s right, Folks! There’s no crowd gathered, ha ha, but I’M very excited!


It was two years ago that I started this Sci-fi book. Now I’ve written the big climatic scene at the end! Goody!