The Moor Finish


Woo Hoo! I finished it, my Moor story! It’s got 79,000 words and has a poem and as much nature description as you’re going to get from me! I’m excited and pleased with all of the delicious atmospheric feelings it rises in me! It has the Moor and a castle and family and romance and danger and young man finding himself- this book is like many of my others yet it has a definite personality of it’s own! I hope I can share it sometime with somebody! It’s set firmly in Vicky’s Genre-Less World though. But who cares! I finished it! Tra la la and Hootie-Ha!


Christmas to All


What does Christmas mean to me;

And how do I express it to all;

A Christian is given just one job;

(Not the same as how we should love, that’s a command.)

No, we’re supposed to spread the Word;

Our faces shine with His love pointed outwards;

But Christmas is about Him.

He came to love, no matter the day or season;

He got down in the dirt to prove it to us.

Jesus is real and He loves us. He is. He does!

Merry Christmas!

More of the Moor


As Christmas is around the corner I’m very happy God remembered us. All snug up in Heaven Jesus came down. He braved this rugged plain as a vulnerable human. He came to find us as we roamed, lost in the fog. Like the winds in my Work In Progress He came to touch our skin with a thousand messages. He came to translate love.

I’m wrapping up my story now,

As happy an ending as I can think of.

My character has all that I wanted for him- almost.

He’s got family and a home and someone to love.

I think of his environment and why it drew me.

What is it about the Moor, rugged and stretching like a wild thing?

I think my home and family are like a bulk and a bulwark to me.

Outside howls the big world I can’t control. I know it’s rugged but I try to see beauty in it. Soon my daughter will bring a new little one home for us to hold. I wanted to tell a story with the howling wind outside and the warmth of family inside. My characters made some big mistakes in the past. But they are rich because they own a castle next to the Moor, and each other.

When Moordyms get lost in the vast silver-gray,

Does mysterious future or portents past draw them away?

The Moor dwells beside the castle walls,

Of yesterday and tomorrow it calls,

Yet stay for family; Moordyms need to avow,

Love sifts the Moorish breeze into scents of right now.








Scents and Portents

‘…a huge gust of wind suddenly struck him and then ruffled back the curtain behind him into the bedroom. It was as if the wind was flowing along out there on the Moor and then; when it saw him, changed directions to coat him with scents and portents.’


My current Work In Progress is going mostly well. Except I’ve sort of fizzled out here writing the end. I’ve wrapped up the mysteries and told the reader everything. I’ve given my main character two choices in life but we all know which one he’s supposed to choose. He’s been shown a new situation so vibrant and huge and his old life was so ordinary. I think this whole book is me- dreaming of faraway castles and rugged beauty.

So there my character stands. I’ve put him under a lot of pressure. I’ve laid it all out for him but he’s stubborn. He’s not ready to have his whole life and future planned for him. In the castle window there’s a balcony. He’s thrown open the door and is staring at the vastness of life. Outside in the night air the Moor stretches as far as his eye can see. There’s an ocean of possibility there on the balcony.

“Go on,” I urge him, “out into the Moor.” Oops, he almost jumped off!

I’m not sure what he needs to make this dreamy place his reality. I think it’s the girl that will decide him- she’s not his yet so her face is still distant. I wonder what happening I’m supposed to write that will conclude this story and finish his doubts?

I’m Going to Meet a Special Person


Grandbaby is soon to Arrive;

Her mommy’s Delight

Son-in-law holds Tight-

To her baby hands.

No baby as sweet in all the lands.

I think her hair will be brunette.

Her eyes blue, green or not determined yet.

I’ll be home with her brothers, Waiting to see-

Explaining the impossibility-

Of where she came from to Remi~ who’s three.

Such a busy time, finally I’ll go;

I’ll peek over a shoulder to say hello.

And she’ll be beautiful, my new little friend.

“We’ll have lots of good times and I’ll sing,”

I’ll whisper in her ear- now before it’s clear

That my voice warbles.

Bless and protect her Lord, this new little one,

Wrap her in a blanket of love.