Only For the Adventurous Hobbyist

I once knew a person, or more

Who came to God, gave Him a lot of energy

Pursued the subject til becoming an expert, and then

Got bored, and moved on to the next, nifty, hobby.

The issue with the concept of getting bored with God

Lies in the assumption a person could ‘master’ the subject

Without focusing on encountering the Master.

Once a person truly fell in love with Jesus,

How sad it would be if they left.

For if He can’t satisfy, the Source of all life and love

Nothing ever will.


Wildflower Heaven

Maybe I’m for a gentle-fields kind of Heaven

With rolling hilltops in view,

butterflies and ladybugs, and friendly, inquiring honeybees too.

The weather has scents in the balmy breeze,

For wildflowers wink and spice,

Stands of tulips, fragrant roses, bring color-walls

For the houses of bunnies and mice.

Ponies, grown horses come to visit,

Me with a closet of twirly dresses,

I’m a child waiting for children,

Dance wearing daisy-chain tresses.

For we know our most special guest is coming,

For whom our hearts delight and cheer,

We laugh at the joke for of course,