Santiago’s Snippet- Hospital Aftermath


Here’s a snippet from the chapter I just finished writing. Jacoby, my main character, was attacked the day before and his big brother, a cop, has just taken him home from the hospital.

‘His brother stepped away from where he’d been checking out all the windows and doors in the condo. He frowned at Jacoby’s light tone to his voice. “Quit acting like nothing’s wrong, Jack,” he grunted.

“There’s nothing wrong right now. I know you’re frustrated, but I’d just as soon put all this out of my mind. You want me to rest, right? So quit acting so serious. You look like Meaty-Fist McChimp, on his way to a goon convention.”

Colt glanced once more out the window, before at last he made an effort. He relaxed his shoulders and the crease between his eyebrows cleared. He chuckled. “I look like Meaty-Fist McChimp, huh? But this is nothing. You should see how I come across when I’m up against someone really obnoxious. We learn how to solid-up like this in cop school.”

“I’m terrified. No, go away, so I can hit the sheets.”

“I’ll be back later. Don’t forget to take your pain reliever before you go to sleep. Here, I’m taking two out the bottle and setting them by this glass of water. Don’t take four by accident.”

“Yes, mom.”

“Your concussion hasn’t made you that confused, I hope.”

“I guess you don’t look much like my Puerto Rican mother, now that I think of it.”

“Too tall?”

“Too hairy in all the wrong places.”


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