Dreamy Book Launch

I had a great time at my friend’s book launch tonight! Here’s the cover of her book!


I always chicken out at the thought of doing a book launch for one of my books- all by myself. I’ve so far just hitched a ride with other people. But while there tonight I was visiting the table of the talented artist who did the art on the above cover- Leslie Moon. I was so excited to find this print to buy!!!


You see, I so associate with this song. In the one daydream I’d have of maybe doing a book launch, I saw my son-in-law, Ryan, up on the stage singing this song for me. I’ve stepped back in my writing goals, but if I were ever to put out another book, maybe I’d ask him to sing it. Meanwhile, the dream resonates. Other artists connect with me on special evenings like tonight. Here are some links!



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