Only For the Adventurous Hobbyist

I once knew a person, or more

Who came to God, gave Him a lot of energy

Pursued the subject til becoming an expert, and then

Got bored, and moved on to the next, nifty, hobby.

The issue with the concept of getting bored with God

Lies in the assumption a person could ‘master’ the subject

Without focusing on encountering the Master.

Once a person truly fell in love with Jesus,

How sad it would be if they left.

For if He can’t satisfy, the Source of all life and love

Nothing ever will.



  1. ingalarson · June 16

    Hi Darlin’ Vicki Bestido, (Did I spell that right?) Long time no see, as our writing group went defunct. My question to you is, did you create that mouse and mushroom picture? Because if so, I would love to have you illustrate a children’s book I wrote, but have not the gift of illustrating it. I love your poetry!

    Cynthia Martin ^..^~~~


  2. Ellen · June 17

    Amen to that. There is no way to exhaust our knowledge or relationship with God. We can never master the God of the universe. We are the clay. 🙂


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