Globe Alight

Imagine the globe

Earth sitting on a table; spinning

You sit beside it, face glowing in its light

Imagine the speed, a thousand times,

Faster than actual time.

History whirling, each important deed

Flashing by like a spark.

Moments are delineated you don’t expect,

For the measurement of flame is love,

Kindness and sacrifice.

War is blackness, a brief sludge of battle,

Scarring the globe.

Murder a pinpoint of ink.

Each life goes too fast to see,

Smiles forgotten; passions too common to color,

Except, in France, or Rome or Native America.

Big, important history. When one person

Died to save a group. When love triumphed,

Evil was driven back.

If you stared at your spot in the globe,

And watched long enough,

Would you see your mother’s love?

Or your own, bright contribution?

Now look, back and forth in time.

To when, Jesus Christ came.

Like thunder beginning in the West,

Of the ancient and scoring beyond,

The East of the End.

Once you saw that flash,

So big your eyes hurt,

The globe obliterated with light.

So long, it’s still going on…


One comment

  1. Ellen · September 23, 2020

    I’m hoping he’s coming soon for His Bride…


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