The Flintelf Himself, Book One

Here’s a snippet from Exili Saves the Flintelf. It’s book one in the first mystery series I’ve ever attempted! I didn’t get enthused with you before because, until I finished the second book, I couldn’t claim to have succeeded in a series. I’m editing the two books now, and trying to find plot in my head for the third. Woo hoo, such fun! My main character Exili, is the elucidator, or detective, who’s a hobbit-type creature with sensitive feet. His client is Goodall, a stubborn flintelf unaware of who could be trying to murder him.


‘Exili scolded himself as they continued walking towards the hut. He wondered why of all things; he’d thought this elucidating business such a good idea. Especially, he’d been so smug about running a ‘preventative’ agency. As if that were so simple to do! Much easier, wasn’t it, to examine the clues after the victims were safely dead like the other elucidationists he’d met. There was no feeling of impending doom that way. He realized he’d been over-nervous ever since he’d laid eyes on Goodall. Like walking on fire embers. He glared at his old schoolmate’s back, who’d still not consented to becoming his client.  “Ungrateful wretch,” he muttered.

“What was that?” Goodall said in surprise, turning.

Blast! Exili had forgotten the creature’s excellent, pure-elflike hearing. “Nothing,” he grumbled.

“What did I do?”

A list of offences popped effortlessly into his mind.

“Never mind,” said Goodall, holding up a hand.’


One comment

  1. Ellen · January 10, 2020

    Ahh, mystery, one of my favorite genres…


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