Teddie Bear, What Do You See?

So there I am, wrestling with my Teddy Bear in Space, SOFT Sci-Fi book. I’ve been writing it for AGES. I’ve seen the big battle coming for weeks now, and known how to make it ‘spark’. At least three times now, I’ve thought that I’d written myself right up to the brink of it. This morning I knew that, truly, now, we’re ten minutes away from that battle, at last!!!

But how to get us out there, or in here, or wherever the stupid warriors are, ready to meet us? I plowed through the mire of my mind, Folks, just for, well SOME possible reader who might actually pick up this book someday!

Soft Sci-fi, indeed! What was I thinking? Yet surely I can figure this out! How is my Teddie Bear character going to cross that Bridge (ha!), and confront that nebulous (yet another one) bad guy?

And then, I had it. Lights came on and fired my whole brain. I walked around the house cackling and saying, “Of COURSE!”



You see that electric glassiness in my Teddy Bear eyes?

I’m going to write the scene before THE scene! Right Now!



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