Origin of Blankensphere for Storytime!


The ‘device’ I’m using to deliver information in my soft Sci-Fi novel that I’m writing, Teddy Bear in Space. Explanation of backstory!
‘Felix found an old record in Flunian research that was called, ‘Life on Flune, it’s early beginnings and what caused the Blankensphere’. He opened up the record and had no trouble keeping his attention focused. This record read like an adventure story and claimed to go all the way back to the first spaceship, the one that brought a full complement of humans and the ancestors of the Flunians here to this planet. It was written by a Flunian called Mastrey.
~~~‘I had the key,’ the record began. ‘The key to time itself, but my co-crew members betrayed me and became enemies. They stole my masterpiece. They took my machine and utterly destroyed it as well as my designs and diagrams that helped me build it in the first place. But I remember and could try to design it again, except they’ve imprisoned me and called me mad.’
‘Our ship traveled for hundreds of years through the stars to get here to Flune. The crew slept in deep hibernation, hundreds of humans as well as us. My people are superior to humans, however. We woke up from hibernation first after the ship landed. We unpacked all of our supplies, built our temporary structures, and then left the humans in their huts, still sleeping.’
‘I designed it that way on purpose. The leaders used to listen to my advice back then. I suggested that the humans mattered, that we should make them comfortable and safe, and to that end go exploring on our own. That way we could ascertain that the planet was actually the haven it was supposed to be. It all went according to my plan. We got back on the ship and flew away, coursing at Land Speed and taking note of this new planet’s attributes.’
‘I waited until we had gone a far distance from the weakling humans. And then I used it, my masterpiece. I turned the very key of time itself. I’d known the machine had a few problems to solve before time travel without consequence was assured, but I’d set the ship’s computer to solving the conundrum of those issues before we’d left planet Earth. The massive computer brain had over two hundred years to work on the problem during our journey here. I didn’t have the chance to study what conclusions the ship’s computing power had come to. I knew that, at its core, my time machine would already work. I assumed the problem of detritus had been solved. ‘
‘It was wonderous to turn my machine on at last and to see my dream’s fruition come to life! I’d programmed it to encase the ship and send us all back to the time at which we’d left Earth! Those hundreds of years that we’d wasted sleeping, could now be lived again!’
‘When we awoke after our miraculous journey, the world we now lived on had changed. Those that should be under me, they are the real demented ones. At first, they didn’t want to believe me that we’d gone back in time. That in fact, even if we could reach the spot at which we’d left the worthless humans sleeping, they wouldn’t be there. I tried to tell them the advantages. Our side now had hundreds of years to live here and advance. All we had to do was increase our technology and vast knowledge. When the humans came again, we’d be obviously superior in every way, and rule this new planet as we should.’
‘But I was cast aside. Instead of seeing the wondrous amazement of what I’d done for all of us, all they could see was the new dimension that had been created by my time travel. They gave the curious and beautiful dimension the ridiculous name of ‘Blankensphere’, although it isn’t even a sphere! The detritus issue left over after time travel hadn’t been solved at all by the ship’s computer. They sent in three people to explore the new dimension but those people were immediately lost never to return. Still, we had plenty of resources available. This new planet was rich with life.’
‘Only, I’m not allowed to live with them. I’ve been sentenced to spend the rest of my life in the ship’s brig, unable to see the new city being built or even to set foot on the planet that I changed. That they are unfair as well as fools I trust they’ll see in time. Until then I make this record, so that history will note the name of the greatest inventor ever known. My children, who refuse to visit or acknowledge me, will no doubt pass down my genius through their genes to my distant progeny. I Mastrey, have written this record with my own hand.’

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