My Strong Vine

Style: "SheetMusic_446115"

Hold onto love. Never let it go.

His love is the highest, the fullest for the soul.


Jesus is my friend, I’ll say it again,

He’s been so sweet to me.

The only time that life made sense,

When He gave innocence and clarity.


Smug, I sat when all went well,

Although young I was so mature.

Age brought heartbreak, the risk of love,

Now I only know one thing for sure.


No matter how I fail Him,

Or how far I wander away,

Even though I don’t produce much

Or say what I should say,


Though I don’t bring much behind the shield,

I hold in front of my face,

I’m trusting Him to keep me,

All good gifts come down from His grace.


Now be a child again, and run and play.

When night is past joy will stay.




One comment

  1. Ellen · August 21

    The Lord bless you and keep you…and me. 🙂


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