Chantiki Makes Her Entrance…

… In my next offering! This is just a fun, smaller project which I was able to share with my extremely talented artist daughter, and a good friend of mine, who contributed one article.


I wrote most of the content, and I found some of the vintage photos from royalty free sources.



Here’s a small sample of Chantiki’s advice column:



I’ve had a lot of fun writing a 1-off magazine! And, working with Meribeth while she did the design and the layout, I got to have MORE fun hanging out with my grandbaby Gladys!

Here’s a photo of Meribeth, Gladys and my grandbaby Astraea, at the library where they live.


Thank you, Lord, for my many blessings!




  1. April · August 11

    Hey there! How do I get a copy of this work of brilliance and fancy?


    • winneyb · August 11

      I’ll send you one, my dear! As soon as we print them up!


  2. Ellen · August 14

    Ahh…such sweet littles! Love that red hair! The magazine looks great, too.


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