A Sad Day

Mom and Alisa

My beautiful and wonderful mommy passed away and went home to Heaven last night. We will miss her!



  1. tahenryauthoress · May 4

    oh darling, I am so sorry for your loss. Big hugs and much love. Please let me know if I can do anything to help you.

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  2. Cynthia Martin · May 4

    I’m so very sorry that you’ve lost your dear Mother. There is no greater loss. May you feel the comfort of our Heavenly Father at this time. Know that you are so, so loved. {{{HUG}}}


  3. Ellen · May 4

    So sorry for your earthly loss. May God comfort you and give you His peace…


  4. artistpath · May 4

    So sorry to hear, Vicky 😢 Sending you love and hugs and keeping you and your family in my prayers.

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  5. Bill · May 6

    I am saddened to hear this, Vicky. Sending virtual hugs.


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