A Post Of-olda-post-Clip Show


Here is the first pic I eva did, of smiling bird and pat-a-kit,

Of blogging dreams and playful times, and spouting fluff and near-rhyming rhymes,


Here’s a pic of me, bearable after I took 20 other selfies,

Unfortunately, this was a while ago, my hair is grayer, no!

Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade 1941

Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade 1941

And here for some reason we have Bogart in ’43,

Absorb some coolness in the blog, and forget he’s smoking,

garden dance black and white

I love to write poems based on pics with a story dream,

Like this one of romance and her contented gleam,


Or a pic like this, her ancient computer alight,

She’s concentrating on bringing a story to life,


Oh, on this blog I’ve had many things to share,

about children, and God and journeys from here to there,


Ancient sunlight, vintage hopes, happy endings, and inner telescopes,


Book covers, cuddly bits, Friends and no politics,


Here is a pic of my back windshield, there’s a bat! I said, blatant and unconcealed!

(Ha ha, just to show you my bat-cave coolness is real,)


Perhaps there’s not an audience for this my cheerful room,

And throngs won’t see my goofy thoughts arise to hold off gloom,

Still I’m glad that someone did, and maybe it was YOU.


Thank you, dear friend, I really appreciate your views!!!



One comment

  1. Ellen · April 12, 2018

    Great selfie and love the shot of you in your cheerful room?


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