To Sail Away to Where?


Sometimes we want to sail away;

Leave troubles back to yesterday,

Off to lands we’ve never seen,

and the horizon wide and clean.

~                   ~                   ~

Tucked into our own tidy berth;

Round windows glimpse the distant earth,

And ladies wear their evening gowns,

The ship’s hooves against the sea pounds.

~                   ~                     ~

Here you’re safe in your imaginary;

Threats of storms create adventuring,

Your soul is stirred by the wind in your face,

Leave the flotsam behind without a trace.

~                  ~                    ~

Onboard you go, and so to think;

Lights of home glitter and drift into the drink,

Should’ves and half-accomplishments chatter,

Impish dreams mix childhood into adult matter.

~                     ~                      ~

Here into the vast open-wide sea;

Lifespans reach for eternity,

Surfaces shift and bob under your feet,

Until the steadiness of land is sweet.

~                         ~                           ~

Then you can come home again;

Focus on life and family and friends,

Until at last we take the last journey,

Heaven’s shore in the distance gleams.



One comment

  1. Ellen · September 4, 2017

    That last journey is one I signed up for and the deposit is paid. 🙂


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