Hey everyone! Soon I’ll be releasing my newest book! It’s a Christian take on an old fairy tale. Actually, it begins just a few weeks after Cinderella left to marry the prince. I’ve always been intrigued by her step-sisters, and I wanted to redeem one of them. Here’s the blurb on the back of the book!

Tagline: Cinderella’s stepsister meets an imp, a tinker, and her true self.

It just isn’t fair that Cinderella ends up with the prize and Atlantia is stuck with the drudgery.

Instead of a godmother, Atlantia gets an imp. Instead of a romantic coach ride to a magnificent ball, she ends up down a side street at the wrong end of town. And instead of a handsome Prince, the only man interested in her is an impertinent tinker.

Obviously, something needs to change. Atlantia just didn’t expect the transformation to begin with herself. Was it possible God wanted her to learn something, not only about escaping hardship, but also about herself?


One comment

  1. Ellen · August 11

    Even a wicked stepsister can be redeemed. 🙂


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