Soul Beauty and the Best Dance

garden dance black and white

Take a dance out in the garden;

While the Ball continues inside,

A hidden moment with your secret love;

Faraway dreams off into the night.


There are moments that sparkle in life;

Pure happiness though you’re awake,

Behind you hours of life’s preparation;

Right now this memory you’ll take.


For a shining single moment;

The world could offer nothing more,

The dancing companion is your ideal;

Loss remains inside, behind the metal door.


But what if that moment stretched to always;

If your heart’s deepest love were true,

What if faraway a glistening castle;

Waits for dream’s arrival, and you.


You might call that future Heaven;

The fact we long for it is proof,

No matter how lumpy,  or scarred-up we feel;

When we’re loved by Him our soul beauty is real.


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