I’m All In


When you meet a stranger on a windswept hill

Something familiar about Him gives a thrill

of the joy when you sang a child’s lark

of fireplace and armchair when outside is dark,

And how He was connected to your first spark

of life.

~        ~        ~

Now I’m old and tired and I get scared

Not like the vague fears that used to be compared

Or the goosebumps teenagers laughing shared,

No, these fears have weight and are real,

Because I’ve lived them; I’ve discovered I’m not made of steel,

and I cried.

~        ~        ~

How wonderful to know that He’s my Lord still

While I wonder who I was; where I went and how did I kill,

That potential of faith I used to brag about,

I was going to serve, speak and take a walkabout,

I was going to bring other people home with a shout

of exquisite beauty.

~        ~        ~

Yet. No matter how I’ve let Him down,

Or how my happy bubble burst and left town,

I can’t count a lot of bobbles on my lightweight crown,

Still He loves me, I don’t how I’ve earned this basket He filled,

That one choice in Him was the right testament and will,

be the glow that redeems me.


One comment

  1. Ellen · July 7, 2017

    So glad he’s redeemed me.


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