Express Myself Again


Who would’ve ever supposed

That a person with so many words would feel so silenced

The message about Christ is so huge

It welled up like a tidal wave, two stories high

It receded down inside till it trickled from my eyes.

~       ~       ~


His beauty is still over the ride

His love holds on and makes me survive

His Word is true no matter how many deny

My faith was proved when He stood by my side

Love like His is realized.

~       ~       ~

See it in the soft baby’s eyes

Feel it in the firm brown wood

Taste clear water and be revitalized

Hear the song of blossoms rustling the trees

Smell the wind of His gentle good.

~       ~       ~

He’s here in sunlight falling on my face

He’s here in memory, present waiting and future grace

He’s here in passion, strength and nobility

He teaches, guards, comforts and bids me see

Sweetness of Heaven in my future.









  1. sherijkennedy · June 20, 2017

    This is beautiful Vicky, and it’s all the ‘proof’ that’s ever needed. Each will find it as they seek with an open heart. You show them every day and don’t need to worry about your words being spoken or heard. *hugs*


  2. Ellen · June 21, 2017

    Wonderful words.


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