Teddie Bear Give Way, to Santiago!

I know I should be focusing on my current story, which is Teddie Bear in Non-space, but this old story about Santiago keeps coming to my mind. I was stuck in this old story so it’s nice to find my flow again. Here’s a snippet of what I just wrote.


“Those look like tights,” Jacoby grumbled.Bearnosemap

“They’re not actually tights,” T-Pete replied. “They’re more like aeriated panted hosiery.”

“I’m not wearing tights,” Jacoby repeated.

“Well,” the designer said, “there are also the leather leggings or even the tight leather pant option, but I didn’t bring those up because they’re more expensive.’

Jacoby ignored the man and narrowed his eyes at his cousin; family or not his patience was running thin.

“Maybe not the leather pants either,” T-Pete said in a hurry.

“Ah, of course, then may I suggest the platinum option, as it were.” The designer rubbed his hands in pleasure. “The last possibility is the poly-urethane-compressed-foam material that I produce myself. It has an over layer of vinyl and an under layer with just a hint of Kevlar. Of course it can get a bit warm at the height of summer and some say a bit itchy in the uh… crevasses, but…”

“I’m outta here,” Jacoby said. He turned to make a quick exit.

“Wait!” the other two people in the room trumpeted. Jacoby glanced backwards and the designer sighed.

“If you insist the pants can be made out of dark brown linen, black jean or charcoal gray vinylette,” the man finally admitted.

“Pants, not hose,” Jacoby reiterated. “No tights, no leather and I don’t need to be bullet proof.”

“If you want to be dull,” the designer muttered.


One comment

  1. sherijkennedyriverside · May 8, 2017

    Hehe! Love it! 🙂


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