A Blessing of Babies


(baby Astraea in pretty dress)


(baby Gladys in pretty dress)

Children in your embrace

Fill an empty spot down low

You get used to how beautiful they are

And how you never want to let go.

~ ~ ~

You love them so much

You beg them to grow right

Worry and fret over every little thing

Eyes pop open in the middle of the night.

~ ~ ~

With Jesus by your side

Full circle is just a hug and a sing

For as you snuggle the baby close

You realize one important thing.

~ ~ ~

That you are a child still in His arms; and He will~

Sing lullabies in your ears

Hold you till you never let go of His love.

And comfort all your fears.


One comment

  1. Ellen · April 25, 2017

    Beautiful babes and beautiful words. Speaks to my heart…


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