Jesus, The Sweet Hero


We are at God’s mercy.

When I was a tiny girl I remember the sweetness of Him.

When I prayed ‘Now I lay me,’ I knew He was there.

He cherished my innocence. I did too.

When I was a terrified teen (too many horror movies and books);

He came and was more powerful. He dispelled my fears.

He held out His hand, and I took hold of it, Jesus my sweetest friend.

He saved me that day, yes He did. Not just from the consequences of sin.

He said, ‘Child, there’s always more. I’m bigger. My love is huge.’

Look around at the beauty outside. In the skies.

Delicate cherry blossoms are like the baby’s innocence.

Blue mountains challenging are like the drive of young adventure.

Peaceful sands with rocks to sit in the sun are like the time we settle down.

And giant trees that sentinel the path through the gentle forest is like old age.

All of this reminds us of His sweet love of beauty, and of us.

He was born like a baby.

He felt passion and overturned tables.

He did His work and healed many.

And like a hero He died to protect His own.

How could I not love a God like that?




One comment

  1. Ellen · April 18, 2017

    Indeed, the more we comprehend His love that more we love Him.


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