Scattered Thoughts; Happy Distraction


Me and baby Remi.


Me and baby Jamie.


Baby Astraea playing with her mommy.

Now this is happening:


Hey, you cute grandkids! I’m trying to concentrate on WRITING MY NOVEL. No wonder the working title is, Teddy Bear in Space?

Although last night I realized that my main character had to be a Teddie Bear. Here’s the paragraph from my story explaining why.

‘T.E.D.D.I.E. stood for, Trusted, Educated, Deferential, Dedicated, Inspirational, Extrapolater and B.E.A.R. stood for Bearing, Extreme, Apprehension, and Rage. Since the Blankenspere was discovered 20 years ago, and the ships developed to traverse it, Teddie Bears had been assigned to assist in case of any possible tensions the crew might feel. After the first few missions when the sheer unexplained lack of air and space outside the ship’s windows had reduced large portions of the crew to shreds of anxious humanity, Teddie Bears had become necessary officers. Even the Captains were required to be examined by them regularly.’

Now, returning to writing… except, does Astraea still have those hiccups?


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