Writing My Fun; Is it Done


I’ve taken a break from writing my novels so far this year. It’s been months since I tried to pull up the brain power to plot and pace a full-length novel. Writing bit by bit the way I do, I wonder always how I get away with it. To think to myself, can I really do this? Have I lost more of the brain cells~ like Poirot’s gray matter~ until the ability is gone? This is a confidence question- and when you really lose confidence it’s like sustaining an injury making it harder to play Tennis or Football.

So tonight I’m beginning a new one. I have the idea of the novel scoped out, the names of some of the characters, a few fun facts to go on with. Here’s hoping this new story takes root in me, that the adventure begins and carries me off so that I forget that I’m not actually smart enough to do any of this. I love reaching the end and looking back and wondering how did that happen?

Oh and by the way, my working title so far is Teddy Bear in Space!



  1. sherijkennedy · March 31

    Love the title…and I hope the only brain cells you lost were the ones that made you think you aren’t smart enough to do this, my genius-artist friend!

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  2. tahenryauthoress · April 1


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  3. Ellen · April 1

    Reminds me of high school song leader chant at the weekly football game…”you can do it, you can do it, you can, you can”. See pompoms being pumped.

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