Tea+Fluffy, Mini-Droids and Me


Over a year ago a friend on Facebook put up a promo and invited her friends to check out the Northwest Tea Festival in Seattle.


How perfect! I thought. The only trouble was that the Festival was the next day. So I scrambled last minute, trying to find a companion on the same day as I’d decided to attend. I found two. One was Bekah, and we loved going around Seattle Center. The other was a pleasant surprise, my good friend Takako! We tasted many little cups of tea before Takako had to get going, but we made a pact- she and I.

Let’s write our next book about TEA! I said. We have to put tea in our story~ marvelous!

And so, the next November when I settled down to NaNoWriMo that year, I wrote Mini-Droids and Tea.


Now my story has it’s first review on amazon and goodreads!



Done by a wonderful reviewer and writer; Rachel Barnard.


So you see what happens when you drink TEA.



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  1. Ellen · March 21, 2017

    Nice reply.


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