The Star Princess


Here’s this nifty picture I found of a lady wearing a star dress. The room behind her is kind of ratty looking. The floor boards are warped. The bed is limp and soiled. One thinks that this girl has nothing but brown rags and work shoes but was given this star dress, the nice white evening slippers and the jewelry box. One wonders, what is she going to do with these assets? Will she go out to an evening ball and make connections? Or better, will she try to find love?

The gifts that God gives are like that. They glitter and shine in the mundane silt of our lives. He’s given me so very much. A good husband. Dear friends. Home. Six beautiful children whom I love and did love, so much. And it all wraps around to this: my grandsons and my little grandbaby Astraea, the star that glitters on her mother’s lap. Soon there will be another grandbaby that comes as well!

The question is, like this girl in the picture above, what will I do with the gifts I’ve  been given?


One comment

  1. Ellen · March 19, 2017

    Interesting artwork and great pondering to go with it. Congratulations on the new grand babe on the way. Your cup overflows!


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