Snippet- Sunrise Meets the Star


From my published book; Sunrise Meets the Star~

‘Now look across the street,” said the doctor. “You see that door, painted shiny black?”

Verone saw it. Across the street was an unending line of buildings, each of different sizes and built by different crafters, and yet each corner of wall meeting the next. In the middle, in a building shorter than the two that surrounded it, was a shiny black door, and on each side of it two windows shone with clean glass and were hung with white fluffy curtains.

“I see it,” said Verone.

“Inside that house lives an old woman. She has white hair, but its still thick and curly. She is thin, and gracious. She has a few servants, who know just how she likes things done. When you meet her she is so polite that you wonder if she has ever sobbed or shrieked in passion in her whole life. And yet, do you know what?”


“When I was a small boy, running like an urchin in that crowded marketplace that so affected you, I used to go to that shiny black door. That old woman would open it, herself, and give me a smile and a warm cinnamon bun. She would straighten my collar and call me, ‘young man,’ just like I’ve been calling you. And then, she would ruffle my hair. We didn’t have a lot in common. I hadn’t read any of her books or been able to remember more than a part of her life. And yet, when she smiled, I felt as if she and I were the same person. She has a kind smile. Later, that woman paid for me to go to school so I could become a Doctor.”

Verone stopped staring at the door and stared at the doctor instead.’


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