More of the Moor


As Christmas is around the corner I’m very happy God remembered us. All snug up in Heaven Jesus came down. He braved this rugged plain as a vulnerable human. He came to find us as we roamed, lost in the fog. Like the winds in my Work In Progress He came to touch our skin with a thousand messages. He came to translate love.

I’m wrapping up my story now,

As happy an ending as I can think of.

My character has all that I wanted for him- almost.

He’s got family and a home and someone to love.

I think of his environment and why it drew me.

What is it about the Moor, rugged and stretching like a wild thing?

I think my home and family are like a bulk and a bulwark to me.

Outside howls the big world I can’t control. I know it’s rugged but I try to see beauty in it. Soon my daughter will bring a new little one home for us to hold. I wanted to tell a story with the howling wind outside and the warmth of family inside. My characters made some big mistakes in the past. But they are rich because they own a castle next to the Moor, and each other.

When Moordyms get lost in the vast silver-gray,

Does mysterious future or portents past draw them away?

The Moor dwells beside the castle walls,

Of yesterday and tomorrow it calls,

Yet stay for family; Moordyms need to avow,

Love sifts the Moorish breeze into scents of right now.










  1. artistpath · December 21, 2016

    I can’t wait to read your story of the moors….sounds enchanting! And you my friend, are the warmth of the fire that draws people near. What a blessing you are!


  2. Ellen · December 21, 2016

    Wonderful thoughts to read… A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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