I’m Going to Meet a Special Person


Grandbaby is soon to Arrive;

Her mommy’s Delight

Son-in-law holds Tight-

To her baby hands.

No baby as sweet in all the lands.

I think her hair will be brunette.

Her eyes blue, green or not determined yet.

I’ll be home with her brothers, Waiting to see-

Explaining the impossibility-

Of where she came from to Remi~ who’s three.

Such a busy time, finally I’ll go;

I’ll peek over a shoulder to say hello.

And she’ll be beautiful, my new little friend.

“We’ll have lots of good times and I’ll sing,”

I’ll whisper in her ear- now before it’s clear

That my voice warbles.

Bless and protect her Lord, this new little one,

Wrap her in a blanket of love.



One comment

  1. Ellen · December 7, 2016

    Yes, may the Lord bless her and keep her and give her peace. And peace to the household that will embrace her, too!


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