No Matter What Poem


All the good there is

Was created by One

He looked around at all He made

He let evil grow too

He gave humankind a choice

Then He said one thing to do.


Everything I just said

Is considered by some to be

Just an opinion I have.

A belief structure I cling to

Attending the church of the naivete.

Yet there’s a glue that holds me here.


The One that made everything

Is very big and hard to see

with little eyes.

The tapestry of what it all means

can’t be judged until the whole picture

is clarified and seen.


As children we waited for more

We were thirsty to see it all.

When we get old we’re waiting

For Heaven and home.

We want to go back to that safe place

In our Father’s arms.


I can’t doubt Him now.

No matter how scary the storms are.

I’ve been held by Him, and taught.

He encouraged me and comforted me.

He answered my questions too.

God- yes, Jesus was my friend and I’m not ashamed

To say His name.








One comment

  1. Ellen · November 22, 2016

    I hope I’m never ashamed to say Jesus, my friend and my God.


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