Set Your Foot in My Moor


I’m having a good time with the setting of my NaNoWriMo novel this month. It’s set in a Moor, or an upland or a heath. Aren’t those terrific words? When I first started writing, I had types of settings. I used to say, ‘Okay, I’ve written a forest book. I’ve written a desert book. Now I should write a… book set in the mountains!’ It reminds me of when my kids were young. With my artist daughter, Disney themes were never a question when planning for her birthday. She wanted a ‘Gold’ birthday or a ‘Wolf’ birthday. It was simple, but actually we brought out so much from those simplistic basics. The gold birthday had an Autumn theme, with golden food and drink and even games. The ‘Wolf’ birthday? Totally cool.

And now here I am again. I’ve written the beach, and the mountain, the forest, and the desert. I’ve written underground. And now, for some glorious reason- sigh of contentment, I have the Moor.

Not THE Moors though. Those are in England. The Hound of the Baskervilles is still roaming around there. Dicken is riding his wooley pony and taming squirrels into his pocket. Heights are still wuthering.

My moor is probably some sort of non-magic Fantasy genre of a novel. The reason I won’t borrow Great Britain’s Moors? Because I want to make this setting my own.


I took this picture a while ago, while I was on a walk around Snoqualmie. My wuthering Mt. Si!


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