(Picture of Frog from Pioneer Coffee, Staring AT Me and Wondering When I’m going to get started)

I’m trying. Really. There’s a Kabillion rambling, simple, fluffy words inside of me. And NaNoWriMo-  or if you don’t know it, National Novel Writing Month- has so few rules! Just turn off the cranky inner editor, and dive in. Write 50,000 novelicious words by the end of the month. You can’t just go on with your current Work In Progress though.

And therein we have our problem. My mind is richly full with the end of my previous story. I’m infatuated with it. That guy in my story is just so cool. He’s just been through one heck of an adventure.

No. I’m not doing it. I’m not setting my WIP aside and starting some new story. If I try I don’t like those people. They’re insipid. They’re annoying like character pests.

So they, and anyone else who’s listening to this diatribe, will just have to wait.

Tonight, I’ve got an appointment. I’m hanging out with the cool guys. I’m going to finish it.

I’ll start NaNoWriMo a little late this year, folks. But I hope I can do it. Fifty thousand words in twenty something days? I’ll keep you posted.



  1. artistpath · November 2, 2016

    If anyone can whip out 50K words in twenty something days it would be you, my friend!


  2. sherijkennedyriverside · November 2, 2016

    If you are continuing on your current work but creating new words on the end of it. You can totally put those words pasted in at the beginning of your new manuscript and count them. They are new words produced on a novel during NaNo – that’s completely legit. Maybe you should finish and then keep on hanging out with those characters and write a new story about them that picks up where the other left off or simply starts another adventure related to them and their cool world. 🙂


  3. Ellen · November 2, 2016

    Daughter was just sharing this morning that she thought about doing NaNo…but not with the amount of words required.


    • winneyb · November 22, 2016

      So did she ever decide to do it this year?


      • Ellen · November 22, 2016

        No she did not opt in this time.


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