A Whim and a Trailer


So today on a whim I didn’t go home after I dropped off my teenager at Bellevue College. I had a few hours until she needed to be picked up, so I turned the car west and went to Seattle. I stopped and found street parking three times as I visited various sites- Kerry Park in Queen Anne; Seattle Center; and the waterfront. I took pictures on my phone, which tend to be blurry. But hey, this was a whim and there were no going all the way home and finding a better camera tangents allowed. I look at it this way, the pictures aren’t blurry- they’re in soft focus- which is suited when describing a Vicky-romance-fluffy novel!


You see, I wanted some photos of Seattle to put into my book trailer I decided to make for my upcoming release~ Black Poodle Over Seven Hills.

Here’s the trailer I made today on Windows Movie Maker. Remember your key words when you watch it.

Blurry = Soft Focus

Strange = Quirky


One comment

  1. Ellen · October 7, 2016

    Fun trailer. I’m amazed you found parking at two of those three locations! You got some great shots with your phone!


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