Tree Path; The Road Home


Today’s path through the trees picture was taken at the edge of the parking lot at Poulsbo Community Church a few hours ago. My dear friend’s sister passed away last week, and today was her Memorial Service. It was an amazing memorial and I cried, a lot. The style of the church and its set up was similar to the one where my family had the memorial service for my boy, almost two years ago. I was pretty much an emotional mess from the moment I left my house this morning to drop off my kids at College in Bellevue and then make the drive to Poulsbo. On the way to Bellevue it was raining part of the way there. ‘Look Peter and Bekah,’ I pointed out. ‘There’s a rainbow.’ They nodded casually.


A few hours later, after I cried during the memorial and visited with the family, I left and of course I was thinking of my son. It was sprinkling as I started driving home and the sky had that look about it. I remembered that right after Josiah passed away in 2014, a dear friend told me she saw a rainbow and knew it was for him.

I was thinking as I drove that rainbows are a visible reminder of God’s promises. I don’t need to wonder if my belief in Him will hold up after death. I knew my friend’s sister was happy in Heaven today. God was just being sweet to show me that rainbow, both today and during the tragic days after I lost my boy.

So, I’m driving, and looking up, and bam! Another rainbow.

God, You’re so good to me.

Almost home an hour later and there it is again; one more rainbow just for emphasis.

Threes. God likes to show me things in threes.

Today, in  honor of this dear, wonderful woman and her passing, God assigned three rainbows to her memory. He shared them with me. I trust His promises, for her, my dear boy that I lost, all the other treasures in my hands, and for my own soul. One day when I venture down my path in the woods and disappear around that illusive corner, It’ll be okay. I’ll be going home too.


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  1. Ellen · October 5, 2016

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your boy. I can’t imagine going through the grief of losing a son or daughter. It’s so good to have God’s comfort from His Holy Spirit in our lives. Sweet touch from above to see those rainbows. Blessings…

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