Today’s Snippet; Smoochy Stuff

From my Black Poodle Over Seven Hills, soon to be released October 18!


“Brett,” he whispered, his lips still close enough to move her hair with his breath. His thumbs stroked her jaw.

She swallowed and tried to bring her nervous system back into typical working order. Then he was back again, kissing the underside of her jaw, the crease beside her mouth, her cheek. She broke the tension and laid her head down on his heartbeat. It was pounding like hers was, but he encircled her with his arms just like he was supposed to. He held her and they swayed, warm and complete in each other’s arms.

Happiness knocked on her mind. This was good. And it was okay if she waited for more. She pulled away with a smile.

“You’d better not have any other ‘friends’ like me,” she warned.

“No other friends even come close to the visual I’ve got in my head right now,” he answered. “You in a teddy, with little French puff slippers.”

“Well, adjust your sights. The puff slippers are about to be replaced by wooly socks and an old ratty robe.”

“You look cute in that one, too.”

“Now I know you’re crazy.”

He grinned and let her go.

“Feeling better, Brett?” he asked.

“That’s one way of putting it.”

He nodded.

“Good night.”

“Thank you, Timothy. I shouldn’t have complained before. I would’ve been lost here without you, and Weston would have my address.”

“Well, you’re not, and he doesn’t. Put him out of your mind and go read a good book.”

He went away casually digging Uncle Lou’s keys out of his pocket, and she wondered he could walk in a straight line. That wasn’t fair. She went into her apartment. She turned on her lamp with the tassel. It was only eight thirty, and she took a deep breath.

Try as she might, she couldn’t feel apprehensive. Weston may’ve hired some guy to find where she worked. That guy may’ve tried to follow them home. Or things could even be worse. Weston could’ve found out more and be on his way here right now. But it didn’t sink in.

Timothy was the only thing on her mind. Maybe that was why he’d kissed her.’


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