Bubble Tromped Under Trendy Boots


Sometimes God gives you a daughter,

Who looks desperately beautiful in a necklace of chain mail;

Only it doesn’t cover her heart.

She looks tough, like a trendy waif;

Ignoring your plea to never part.

‘Don’t leave home away from Him;’ you advise.

It’s dark out there.’

How terrifying it is, when this glittering world seems to turn her head.

When she forges her own road instead, of the safety you provide.

~                                   ~                                 ~

You think, ‘she’s strong, she’s good and she’s wise’.

But small comfort at night when you can’t close your eyes.

And indeed she does encounter all that you said,

Her black-metal outfit looks scratched and frayed,

As you remind God of how often you’ve prayed.

And even though she does eventually find her way,

Your hair that used to be brown is now gray.

You’ve earned patience gleaned from fearing trouble,

And you miss with fondness your old happy bubble.

~                                 ~                              ~

I wonder if God doesn’t think, as you kiss her lovely cheek,

That you have beauty bursting from underneath.


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