Mystery, thy Technicality


This is Bekah standing on a dock, with the water behind her and a lamppost above her. I cried out, ‘Bekah, look mysterious!’ and then took the picture.

It’s a bit of how I feel about the scene I had to write today. In the whole chapter there’s not one word of conversation. I’m trying to explain something technical, fantasy-true yet mysterious. I’m unsure if the words I wrote will carry off what I intended of them. Like the black of water behind Bekah, there’s no way to describe if what I’m trying to show even is water.

My only question, will what I wrote seem murky to any future readers of this story I might have? Bigger still, can I leave the technical wordsy language behind for a while and get back to the interesting relationship stuff?

And, does Bekah look like she’s wondering, when will Bogart come in his fedora and his detective overcoat?

Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade 1941

Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade 1941


One comment

  1. Ellen · September 4, 2016

    Your talent is one that needs patience and resolve to get er done…
    I admire that.


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