Green Trail


Apparently I love taking photos of trails that lead off into the woods. This was taken yesterday, at a trail I found on Snoqualmie Ridge. The front part of the photo is all dusty and mundane. But the back part- isn’t that cool? I love the brightness of the green- and the hint of sun on the path.

There’s an adventure down that trail; a mystery leading to a fantasy designed just for the imagination.

Today I took this picture of myself. I like it because it seems like I’m just about to tell you a story that I’m captivated with.

Vicky-Let me tell you

The fun of formulating a fantasy out of my imagination is worth every one of the more than million words I’ve garbled out and tried to push at people who weren’t interested.

Whether or not I ever sell another story I’m grateful. I’ve had all kinds of fun trying to share my stories. And God- how can we doubt His existence? The wonderful imagination alone- that reaching for color and light unseen, the daydreams of wonder expressed into drawing or music or writing, or cooking or gardening or crafting, or…. So much beauty to be seen and it’s such a loss when human beings can’t create the passion inside them into an expression of awe.  God gave us the majesty and aching richness of nature and the eyes to see it, and the ears to hear it. He gave us something else- the ability to marvel at the light in another person’s eyes. None of these things are strictly necessary for survival. They’re for entwining our souls with Him. Imagination is something that can’t be put into a formula. The walls of art have no boundaries. The abstract is meant to point upward.

Thanks for listening to my many rambles!



  1. artistpath · September 1, 2016

    Beautifully said as always my friend. I love that picture of you!


  2. Ellen · September 2, 2016

    I enjoyed your rambles. Thanks. That shot of the trail draws me in…


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