Today’s Little Ditty

I wrote this into my novel today. My second to the Main Character needs to forgive already! Of course, right when he realizes this, his best friend takes off and gets into  big trouble! Drama, drama and drama!


‘That night Mars couldn’t sleep. The conversation he’d just had with Jeremy swam around in his mind while he tossed and turned on the bed he’d made fresh for himself in his guest room. He remembered what his grandmother used to say to him when he was growing up.


‘Bad man comes; hold him away;

Never trust a word he says;

But if a good friend asks for mercy one day;

You’re the bad man if you say nay.’


The secret, she’d taught him, was in being able to tell a friend from an enemy.’


One comment

  1. Ellen · August 23, 2016

    Good secret to learn…


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